Is the location accessible to disabled people?

Palazzo degli Esami is accessible  for people with disabilities due to the presence of a ramp at the road level and a stairlift with a maximum capacity of 180kg.


Can I bring my dog into the exhibition?

Only small animals kept inside bags or pet carriers may be brought in.


Can I bring my child to the exhibition in a pram or pushchair?

No, sorry. But you can leave your pram or pushchair at the entrance near the ticket office.


Can I take photos or videos?

You can take photos at the designated points; no professional cameras, please. Professional photographers and video makers must apply for accreditation in advance, stating reasons, to the Press Office at:


Is there anything else I should know?

Please do not bring food or drink into the exhibition. Prams, pushchairs, trolleys, umbrellas, motorcycle helmets and bulky bags and rucksacks must be left at the cloakroom (it’s free). No smoking. Please do not run or disturb other visitors. Do not touch or lean against the display cases




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