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During the Altaroma week, Accademia Italiana  Arte Moda Design in Rome, presents Marilyn in Fashion for the exhibition “Unmissable Marilyn”, a project created by the fashion designer Cristian Luongo and coordinated by Ilenia Alesse (Course Leader Fashion Design).

Inspired by the glamor and the 1950s style, the collection represents the eternal icon of femininity and fashion. The dresses, embroidered with crystals and glass beads, represent the Hollywood dive trends and their passions. Putting together fluid and transparent fabrics such as silk, the taffeta rigidity and the lightness of the triple organza, there is an appeal to elegance and sensuality by revising the tailoring aspect in a modern way. Many years after her disappearance, Marilyn’s myth is still a style, a beauty icon, and a trend, few elements that characterize and make them unique.